10 Feb 2008

WeB's count, Marbury - putting something back into our birding.

Mark P & Pod are carrying out the regular WeB's counts at Marbury. All birders should put something back into their birding by taking part in surveys or recording for their local ornithological society. To many birders seem to be happy to tick and run.

Anyway, I digress. I agreed to join Mark and give him a hand as it also gave me a good oppurtunity to give Molly a good walk. Initial fog gave way to glorious sunshine and we were soon racking up the counts.

Checking Kidd Brook for a possible wintering Green Sandpiper we came across a very showy female Lesser-spotted Woodpecker. A patch year tick for my Mark but my 2nd of the year. No sign of a Green Sandpiper but we did get one flying off Whitton Brook later! A large Redpoll flock on Neumans proved to contain Lesser's only. Walking round to Haydn's Pool we came across more Redpolls - one was obviosuly very pale and white and was picked up with the maked eye in some alders before we realised there were other Redpolls with it! Not a classic male Meally but probably a 1st winter / female type.

A very satisfying 4 hours birding.

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