12 Feb 2008

Deja vu?

News that the elusive Great-white Egret (or another!) had forgone the pleasures of the Dee Estuary for the more refined surroundings of Rostherne Mere created a minor twitch this afternoon with Groucho, Le Donis, Frank Duff & yours truly standing in the churchyard scoping this bird from a great distance. No chance of a pic using the DSLR but managed a record shot with the Samsung handheld against the scope!
Unfortunately we were looking almost directly into a vey bright setting winter sun! No matter. We got the bird. My 3rd Cheshire 'lifer' so far this year.
However, the feelings of success were dampened slightly with news that the possible American Herring Gull had been seen and photographed in flight over the Birchwood Pool at Moore nature reserve. Le Donis, being a jammy git, happened to be there at the time as did Fred & Jono.
The good news is that its still around..............................

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