17 Feb 2008

Moore is more.

Another epic marathon at the gull mecca of the N West finally nailed American Herring Gull although the jury's still out and the bird will have to be accpeted by the powers that be! However, from all the reading we've done and the superb views of the bird in flight and on the ground it certainly ticked all the boxes.

Statto Williams found another very interesting and very dark 1st winter Herring Gull at Arpely. Not the same bird but another very good candidate for a 'smickers'. Not only did we finally catch up with this bird but there were two different Glaucous Gulls an two different Iceland Gulls present.

One of the Icelands was a big bruiser whilst the other was quite a dainty looking bird:

To cap a good weekend I managed to get the Cetti's Warbler at Neston Old Quay in another long wait in the frezzing cold.

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