8 Feb 2008

Gulls everywhere.

Richmond Bank & Arpely tip still producing the goods for the gull enthusiasts although there does seem to be a fairly quick tunrover in the birds present. Only one Glaucous Gull has been reported recently but three were present a couple of weeks ago. Iceland Gulls seem to have also disappeared and I wonder how many reports recently have referred to this beauty - see below.

A pristine leucistic herring Gull showing some grey on the mantle and brown primaries.

One of the Seaforth crew was lucky enough to find an adult Kumliens Gull yesterday but despite the best efforts of some of Cheshire's finest it wasn't relocated.

No sign of the weekends American Herring Gull either but Yellow-legged Gulls now almost approaching double figures.

Two adult Yellow-legged Gulls amongst the Herrings, L B Backed & Greater B Backed Gulls.

Many of the gulls show signs that although the tip is a good feeding place it can also be dangerous - missing feet, missing legs and damaged eyes have all been noted. A probable sub adult Caspian Gull was also seen yesterday but was to far off to get any pictures. All the ones here have been taken by hand holding the camera to the 'scope - the birds are to far off to use the DSLR. Structurally it looked spot on being a very lanky dark mantled gull with a pointed rear end and a long snout. It's probably the same bird that's been seen here and on the tip in previous weeks.
Looks like Saturdays going to be a busy one with a lot of birders descending on the area in the search of a rarity.

Big ugly juvenile Glaucous Gull - only its mum could think it pretty!

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