1 Mar 2010

Up with the proverbial.

Spring is definitely springing - despite the seemingly never ending frosts. The birds are beginning to sing and I'm now waking up to daylight and the first tentative songs of the local Robin, Song Thrush & Chaffinches. Sunday morning saw me awake early and I decided to take Molly up to Leasowe to once again try for the Black Redstart that was seen again Saturday. No joy but 4 Eider on the sea between the cafe and Leasowe Castle Hotel were a good 'spring' find.

Skylarks are singing and showing well - no need to flush them or get to close if you use the car as a hide and use a bit of patience.

Beautiful little birds and its nice to such good numbers locally this year.

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simon said...

Cars make good hides I find. We have a nice drive around polo fields near the HAwkesbury river here and I fins that just to stay in the car, and wait produces some good results