30 Mar 2010

Local Raven.

After Saturday's excitement Sunday was spent at home with the occasional foray out to take Molly for a walk. The stubble fields still hold a flock of around 50 Meadow Pipits and there are still 3 Reed Buntings and a few Chaffinches around - the latter now joined by a a few Linnets.

The main surprise is the Raven still hanging around. This time of year they'd usually be expected to be breeding. I don't think its one of a pair so I assume its a none breeding bird thats found the area to its liking. It was seen displaying a few times although most of the time it was quite happy feeding in the rape fields.


DaveE said...

Two ravens have spent the winter in a small wood of tall pine trees at Ledsham. I first saw and heard them last summer.

Phil Woollen. said...

I've had a pair of Ravens at this site (near my house) before and wondered if they are the ones that used to breed at Stanlow refinery.
Ravens should be feeding young by now so this one is either a failed breeder or immature non-breeding bird.