28 Mar 2010

Black Redstart on Hilbre.

A late night Friday meant I wasn't awake early enough to get to Hilbre before the high tide. Chris & Steve were there though and a text around 8ish alerted me to a Black Redstart. Bugger. Groucho Payne was also up bright and early, albeit hungover and a missed call from him was returned whislt I sleepily made a brew. Mark hadn't seen Black Redstart in Cheshire before so was keen to try and catch up with it. Plans were made to nip across after high tide. Five minutes later he rings me back - Black Redstart, Marbury Country Park.  Being a lot closer to his house he managed to see that one along with Al Orton and they both decided to make the trip to Hilbre for second helpings! Before we'd even left Steve rang to say the bird had been trapped and ringed!

The walk across was enlivened by me having to give all 17 stone of Al a piggy back across various water filled gutters as he'd forgotten his wellies but we managed to arrive at the Obs with my spine intact although compressed. Meeting Colin Wells we had a brew before searching for the Black Redstart. It didn't take long for Al to spot it but it remained elusive for the whole of our visit, disappearing for up to an hour at one stage.

Black Redstart, Hilbre. Spot the shiny new ring.
Another brew and we decided on a low tide seawatch. A few Kittiwakes were passing along with the odd Little Gull, a Fulmar and an unidentified auk.

Although there weren't many birds around it was nice to be out on the island and enjoy the spring weather.

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