20 Mar 2010

First Wheatears.

The first spring Wheatears are arrviving in dribs and drabs along the N Wirral coast and with several Ring Ouzels already being reported in the N West along with Alpine Swifts on the S Coast, Saturday had to be the day when I found my first spring Wheatear. A moment that really tells you winter is past and spring is here.

As if the weather didn't let me know in no uncertain terms. Rain and lots of it. Still, Molly needed walking so I persevered thinking that the inclement weather may have forced the odd migrant down to sit out the rain before the urge to migrate kicked in again. I was right:

Three Wheatears in the pony paddocks west of Leaoswe Lighthouse! Despite the teeming rain a record shot of this momentuous event was recorded for prosperity.

Unfortunately a Greenshank seen in the gutter didn't linger but there were two Little Egrets present (probably the ones that have been lurking in the Birkett) showing off their nice yellow feet as the montage below shows.


Jason said...

Nice one Phil, i cant wait for the Wheatears to arrive. Unfortunately i have another 2/3 weeks to wait.

Phil Woollen. said...

Cheers Jase. Not much birding done as Janet spent all Friday and most of yesterdy in hospital with a suspected gallstone.