27 Feb 2010

Finch Fest.

The garden feeders are geting drained every other day. The number of birds visitng is remarkable. A male Blackcap is now a regular but even putting out half an apple won't tempt him to stay long enough for a photo. He grabs a sunflower seed and skulks back in the bushes. Milder weather yesterday even tempted a bit of song whilst the Chaffinches have been singing now for several weeks.

All the photo's were shot in poor light with a high ISO to try and get theshutter speed high enough to freeze an movement. Hence the graininess.

Cetti's Warblers are back on the Wirral and a 3 hour wait last weekend was rewarded in one short burst of song and a couple of 'tacs' deep within hte undergrowth. Its good to see they've survived the cold weather and hopefully the recent Cheshire colonisation will continue. Nearby Long - tailed Tits seemed to sense the imminent arrival of spring and were seen gathering nesting material!. Maybe they're making a feather filled duvet.


simon said...

superb shots for real. I will be birding with Dr Jim Fowler in April. Travelling from Australia to Cumbria!

Phil Woollen. said...

Good luck with the trip Simon! Whereabouts in Aus are you? My daughter lives with her husband in Albury.

simon said...

Blue Mountains west of Sydney mate. Top birding spot. Albury is a nice town

Yes looking forward to the trip. Did work up in Shetland with Jim back in 2002 on the island of Yell. Great birding there too!