1 Apr 2010

Lesser Kestrel

The first major 'twitch' of the year and its April already!

When the Lesser Kestrel turned up at Westleton Heath Sunday afternoon I knew therer was no chance of going to see it for a few days and most others have been one day birds I didn't hold out much chance of it sticking until I could get there. But it did......................

A mad dash down from where I was working in Leeds saw me following in the wheel tracks of Kendo 'who left the lights on' Nagasaki, Al Conlin and Frank ' I'll get the jump leads' Duff.

Luckily the bird was still on show when  I arrived albeit the length 500 m away! Far to distant to even contemplate a photo even if I'd had the camera with me which I didn't as I had no intention of going until making that impulsive decision. Other good birds seen were Great Grey Shrike, Stone Curlew & Dartford Warbler.

With increasing numbers of Lesser Kestrels in southern France it surely won't be long until another turns up.


christopher said...
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Jason said...

You dirty twitcher you.

Phil Woollen. said...

Guilt as charged Jase!