18 Feb 2010

Wagtail update.

More news on last years colour ringed Pied Wagtail from Iain Livingstone who rings them in Scotland:

Thank you for the report of the colour ringed wagtail via BTO.

This bird is one of ours from last autumn.
Ringed X714157 as a Juvenile at roost in Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell North Lanarkshire, on 29th August 2009.
Due to the excellent photo we can be sure this is the individual and will be able to report it to the BTO for analysis.
Thank you very much for sending this in. The record fits with the movment of our local (probably), juvenile Pied wagtails south for the winter and is our second from Cheshire. One killed by a cat in Northwich in December 2008.

I think Iains being very kind about the photo.

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