15 Feb 2010


I was walking Molly along the lane and scanning the stubble when suddenly every bird took off in fright. Expecting a Sparrowhawk I checked the skies to see this Peregrine heading west at height and not at all bothered by the presence of so much potential food below!

Also present today was a flock of 194 Lapwings.

A phone call from Graham Jones to let me know he'd found a Long-billed Dowitcher feeding with Lapwings off Denhall Lane, Burton saw me heading off for a quick look. Unfortunately Graham rang to say the bird had just flown & I missed it by 10 minutes! A check of the Decca Pools revealed 3 Ruff & a roosting Bar-tailed Godwit that caused monentary panic as all  I could see was a head with a prominent supercillium as the bill and rest of the body were partially hidden.

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