6 Feb 2010

Return of the cold weather.

Not much birding this week due to work commitments that saw me leaving one ice-bound country for another - Austria! At least they know how to cope with a bit of cold weather. Arrivng late Thursday night at Manchester airport I was once again struck by how inefficient our airports are - only 4 immigration desks open (resulting in a 40 minute wait whilst a tannoy apologised for the inconvenience due to refurbishment. There were still 3 empty desks though................) & two separate car park ticket machines failed to work. Time from leaving plane to getting into car 45 minutes with hand luggage only!

Anyway, back to the birds, Good numbers of birds still utilising the stubble and the local Raven spotted carrying off a juicy bit of road-kill.

The dusting of snow made the local Robins even more photogenic than usual whilst the Starling flock still doesn't have a Rose-coloured amongst them. It's only time.............

All the usual birds still feeding in the two fields each side of the lane but the large Chaffinch flock has now been joined by small numbers of Greenfinches.

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