30 Jan 2013

Another inland goodie - Slavonian Grebe

A Slavonian Grebe turned up on Astbury Mere, Congleton on Monday but I couldn't get away - until today. Astbury has a good record of turning up scarce / rare birds and over the past few years I've seen Ring-necked Duck, Great Northern Diver and today, Slav Grebe. Probably the best views I'll ever experience in Cheshire and much easier to see than bobbing around in the sea off Hilbre.

What a poser and never more than 20 metres away from the bank in a relatively sheltered part of the mere.

The last one I saw in Cheshire was a distnat summer plumaged bird last year on the Lapwing Lane pools.

What else will turn up on one of our meres this winter? How about a nice male Velver Scoter for those who've not been fortunate to see them off Hilbre.

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