9 Jan 2013

Footing it January challenge

I've accepted the challenge set by Mr Reeder et al to see how many birds I can see locally on foot during January. See here for details:

My 'patch' boundaries are shown in the map below & I reckon I can get 63 species on foot in this area in January  - with a bit of luck!

After arriving back from Australia early Saturday morning I soon felt the need to stretch my legs after the long flights. A quick walk around the nearby estates produced a flock of 40 + Waxwings and there were 2 more visible from the house on Sunday.

Jet lag meant I was up early Sunday and took the opportunity to walk to Stanney Woods in the dark to get there at first light with the idea of looking for a Woodcock before to many people got there. Sure enough after a thrash round in the depths of the sodden wood a single Woodcock flew up in front of me and pitched down again under a Holly tree. A good start!

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