24 Jan 2013

Computers and divers

Technology. You can't live without it yet hate it all the same. Computers definitely fall into the 'hate' category. With failing mother boards, hard drives and dodgy Windows updates I've spent more time having various computers fixed since Christmas than out birding! Don't even mention Windows 8!

Still, having to collect my wife's computer from Manchester after the latest mishap, enabled me to call in at Marbury to see the juvenile Great Northern Diver that had taken up temporary residence the previous day. A call from demon lister, Al Orton, confirmed it was still present so I grabbed the camera and called in briefly. Very briefly as it turned out. When I arrived the diver was showing pretty well. It then caught a large roach and proceeded to struggle eating it before succeeding and moving to the opposite side of the meal to digest its meal. After 20 minutes it showed no signs of moving and the cold drove me back to the car.

Good to catch up with a few people there I hadn't seen for a while and fellow Foot-it competitor Pete Antrobus who'd limped from home with gout to add it to his January total.

Tuesday I got back from a trip to Yorkshire early enough to walk down to Stanney Woods as the sun was out. No sooner had I started my circuit when two things happened. The phone went and a tit flock appeared. Holding one piece of technology in each hand I multi-tasked scanning and talking at the same time. When.............Bloody hell its a Lesser Spot. Guess which peice of technology I dropped. Great views of male Lesser-spotted Woodpecker as it moved through the trees with the tit flock.
Lesser-spotted Woodpecker territory........

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