1 Feb 2013


Not Nicole Kidman (or Chris Evans for that matter).

Redhead Smews are becoming quite regular in Cheshire over the last few years with birds being seen at Rostherne, Tatton Park & Deer Park Mere. They've become almost annual in the last 4 years but the last male I saw was at Inner Marsh Farm RSPB on the 5th February 2005.

This bird has been 'resident' on the Birchwood Pool at Moore nature reserve and although  I saw it a few weeks ago on my return from Australia I couldn't resist a go with the camera as the sun came out on the way to a meeting in Clitheroe.

Mind you if I'd taken the advice of the guy who was just leaving the hide as  I arrived I wouldn't have seen it. Apparently there was no sign.....................first bird I picked out amongst the loafing Tufties.

Chehire has had a good run of good birds on inland waters this January - Great Northern Diver, Slavonian Grebe & Smew. Long may it continue. A nice male Velvet Scoter would please the Cheshire year listers. Even better ... Surf Scoter. The Weaver bend perhaps?

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