25 Jun 2011

Laid up.

Surgery on a troublesome cervical disc has laid me up for a bit so not much birding being done until I'm more mobile again. A chance to catch up on some reading and sit in the conservatory watching the garden birds go about their business. I've no idea where the local Blackbirds are nesting as it looks as if the nest in the Laurel has been predated by the local Magpies yet again. There are two males vying for territory though - one in the back garden and one in the front!

All in all a quiet week although we did celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary the day before my operation. 25 years & I'm the only one that looks older!


BirderRon said...

Been there and done that. Get well soon, the birds will miss trying to dump on you while you're away ;-)))

BirderRon said...

Been there, done that and got frustraited with it all. Get well soon so the birds won't miss you too much.

Phil Woollen. said...

Cheers Ron. Should have given up rugby well before I was 42! It's now come back to haunt me.