19 Jun 2011


After the excitement of the last two weeks (Blyth's Reed Warbler, White-throated Robin, White-winged Scoter........) it was a fairly quiet weekend. A trip to Hilbre over the tide didn't reveal anything new either on land or sea but the local Linnets provided some photo oppurtunities as they flew around in small family groups. Most bizarre expeince of the day was catching a Mallard by hand and ringing it!

 Photo above phone-scoped with iphone4 as an experiemnt!

A juvenile Kittiwake spent the tide roosting apart from the other gulls on Middle Eye but flew down on the Landrover track as I was leaving. A juvenile bird did a simialr thing last year before ending up dying so I hope this one fares better.
Its that time of year when butterflies and orchids start appearing and I too a walk along the lanes to where I regularly see both Bee & Early Spotted Orchids.  A single Bee Orchid in in flower along the railway embankment and the only butterfly on the wing was a a large Skipper but they brightened up an otherwise dull and blustery day.

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