5 Jun 2011

Blyth spirit.

The phone rings. It's Steve. This usually means something good on Hilbre..........
'Phil, it's Steve. Have you got Barry & john with you?'
'Yes - whats up?'
Don't panic, cos I am, but I think I've just extracted a Blyth's Reed Warbler from the old Obs mist net. We nned to check the wing formual very carefully to be sure'.


A brilliant reward for all the coverage this spring and reward for the belief thart  the big one was just around the corner seeing as the first week of June is now the new end of April!

With the bird duly ringed and all measurements double and triple checked including doing the wing formula on both wings  it was time for a few photo's and show the bird to those Obs regulars who'd managed to get a lift from the mainland.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, had lent his SD card for his son to try in his new Canon 550D yesterday and forgot to put it back in the camera. Hence the grotty pics taken with a mobile.

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