15 May 2011

Red letter day!

What a fantastic day in Cheshire and Wirral today! Despite the persistent rain that deterred many from going out some hardier souls persisted. First up was a text from Frank to say there was a Buff-breasted Sandpiper on Frodsham No. 6 - a Cheshire tick for me. Off I trundled only to arrive in the middle of a deluge. The bird was found by three guys who weren't sure what it was but luckily Frank was on hand to clinch the i.d.

Unfortunately the weather and distance from the bird meant photo's were strictly of the ' record shot ' genera only.

Whilst at Frodsham Steve rang me to say Colin Wells had found a Broad-billled Sandpiper at Meols but that it had flown off with Dunlin. I didn't think anymore about it until, whilst out walking Molly, Allan texted to say he'd relocated it but that it had flown again but was still in the same general area. Changing the plans I had at home I grabbed the camera and set off! I'd only been at the site less than a couple of minutes before Mal Sarjeant relocated it. magic stuff. Cheshire No. 2 for the day.

Just a shame that poxy male Citirne Wagtail at RSPB Conwy didn't decide to turn up on the paddocks by Leasowe Lighthouse.

Just to prove there were some decent photographs to be had today and to show how bad the weather was here's a selection of Yellow Wagtail photo's from Frodsham. Whilst driving away fro mthe Buff-breasted Sandpiper this stonking bird flew up on the fence in front of the Landrover. I'm sure he's looking at the rain in the first one and saying 'why the fek didn't I stay in Africa?'

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