22 May 2011

The end of the World.

So it was with great trepidation we all waited for 6 pm when it had been prophesised by a self proclaimed American prophet that the World would end - the righteous would go straight to heaven leaving the rest of us to our fate as the apocalpys took place. Shit! Maybe it had happended. Was this an angel I saw swimming before my bleary eyes?

Fortunately not - only the local leucistic Moorhen looking particularly dazzling in the early morning light before making the trip to Hilbre.  Memo to self - stay off the loopy juice cider the night before!

Although the wind had shifted from a stubborn westerly to south easterly overnight not many migrants were expected or had materialised. Star bird (the only bird) was this Spotted Flycatcher.

Always fantastic birds to see this one was a delight on a blustery and ootherwise migrant free day.

More locally I've seen the first local Hobby of the year and a Cuckoo put in an increasingly rare appearance along the Gowy water meadows.

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