27 May 2011

Breeding in full swing.

An update on the breeding garden birds:

The Wrens are feeding young in the nest they've built for the second year running in a woven 'roosting pouch' beneath the porch.

The Blackbirds in the Laurel hedge have been predated and are currently building a new the same hedge.

Out of 5 nest boxes not one is occupied for the first time for many years!

The Dunnocks whose nest in the hawthorn hedge was predated are still around but I've no idea where they're nesting.

Collared Doves are attempting to nest again in the top of a conifer after the recent high winds blew the first nest (and eggs) down.

The Moorhens are incubating their second clutch and 4 from the original 7 from the first brood still survive although they're getting chased by the parent birds and will probably soon be forced to leave.

Apart from that the cold windy weather has but a downer on much else although a quick trip to the South Road pond at the bottom end of Ellesmere Port was enlivened by a female Gadwall with 6 young. Five Tufted Duck were also present along with 2 broods of Mallards, Sedge Warbler, Reed Warbler and singing male Reed Bunting.

The only other birds of note this week have been two Hobby's - one near the house and one at the top of the Wirral.

Singing male Linnet - Hilbre.

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