3 May 2011

Australian trip. Part 3. Into the jaws.

I spent a fair bit of time exploring the Port Douglas area around the forested bits and the mangroves. Ignoring a beware of crocodiels signs I turned a corner to find this monster. Discretion beat valour.

 Port Douglas marina
 Blue-winged Kookaburra
 Cattle Egret.

Brush Turkey - these were ridiculously tame around the Mossman Gorge car park and were rooting through people belongings for food as the yswam in the Mossman river.

 Male Figbirds in the hotel grounds.

Laughing Kookaburra's.
We heard these most days from the hotel balcony and one morning four turned up and created a right din as they 'laughed' and generally flew around being nosiy as only Kookaburra's can.
 Masked Lapwing. Common everywhere.
 Orange-footed Scrubhen in hotel grounds.
 Imperial Pied Pigeon.
 Tawny Frogmouth roosting in tree near hotel.

 Yellow-belllied Sunbirds - common around hotel grounds.
 Pied Butcher Bird
 Rainbow Beeater.
 Wonga Pigeon
Spangled Drongo.

An amzing place and an area I want to visit again. 150 speices of brids recorded in our short 5 day non-birding trip. Including at least 100 that were new to me.

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