17 Oct 2010

Shetland. Day 5 - the last full day.

An early-ish start after last nights curry followed by a full fry-up for breakfast before heading to Bressay and a check of all the likely looking birding spots. There had obviously been a small fall overnight as a few Chiffchaffs and Goldcrests were still flitting around the cliffs where thye'd made first landfall.

Not much else around and we decided to try Toab where Suffolk birder Craig Holden had told us a another Radde's Warbler was showing well. Matt was keen to try and get a prolonged view so we relented and set off. Despite an intensive search there was no sign so deciding to play the tourist bit we headed to Sumburgh head to admire the views before giving Geosetter our last shot.

Whilst the lads did the tourist bit I chatted to birders staying in the Lighthouse and took the oppurtunity to photograph the local Fulmars. With daylight fading we took a last look at the Isabelline Shrike to try and confirm its sex and age. I'm not convinced it's an adult female and think its a first winter bird but need to check up on the moult of Issy Shrike.

Things have changed since I was last at Geosetter and new stiles and bridges have been installed across the burn making it much easier to search. Unforunately the easier it is the fewer birds there generally are and so it proved.

Still its a beautiful place and a rainbow was a fitting end to our last full day on Shetland.

Tomorrow morning we had to leave for home. Early nights all round ensured we were up at dawn to tidy up and get a last few hours birding in before. heading for home.

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