17 Oct 2010

Shetland. Day 6. The departure.

Up before the proverbial lark I savoured an early morning cuppa outside watching the sun rise before breakfast and a tidy up of our digs before heading out for a final few hours before our flight.

News from Jase that a Rough-legged Buzzard was circling over Toab sped us on our way. Unfortunately we missed it by minutes and failed once again to connect with the Radde's that was seen again the previous day.

A last throw of the dice saw us at Sumburgh Farm and Quarry where we picked up a very pale looking Redpoll with a white rump in flight only. It never settled. Several Jack Snipe were flushed from the boggy walled area behind the hotel gardens whilst Damon picked up a Yellow-browed Warbler at Grutness that gave us all the runaround.

Knot a Yellow-browed Warbler!

Finally it was time to call it a day for another year and we checked in at the airport for our flight home and the long drive from Glasgow to Cheshire. Plans are already being made for our next visit.

Many thanks to the rest of the lads for helping make the trip so enjoyable and a special thanks to Jase Atkinson who gave us the 'heads up' on a number of birds beofre the news came out on the general information channels.


Dougie Preston said...

Good to meet you, even if it was only briefly! I'm glad the group got plenty of 'lifers' as there have been some cracking birds this Autumn so far..... See you up here again next year?

Phil Woollen. said...

Dougie - you'll definitely see me next year! Not sure on the other lads although they've all expressed an interest. I didn't intend doing so much travelling but as the rest of the lads needed a lot of the birds as lifers I had to go with the majority. I didn't get any and still need both Lancie & Pallas's Grasshopper! I think Matt ended up with 7 lifers, Damon 2 or 3, Mark 2 and Mike 1.

Mr Payne said...

Phil's Alternative Blog:
Day one phil loses his phone. where is the car.
Day two phil loses his pager at the Buffbreasts , again its in the car.
Day Three Phil loses his macmillan guide......
Day 6 phil loses his marbles.

Paul said...

Well done on getting the others all the lifers, Phil, I still need OBP, cud U arrange for one down here pleese?! Wirral perhaps :)

Phil Woollen. said...

Not surprised about the memory loss with all the bad smells polluting the atmosphere!

Shetland is the place for Olive-backed Pipit although just as many must filter down to the maainland and not get refound.