15 Oct 2009

Wanted - trained spotters.

Looks as if 'Scilly season' is once more upon us. Hordes of well intentioned but experineced birders descending on the Scilly's and Shetland and causing mayhem. Their moto must be 'if its seen on Shetland or the Scillies it must be rare'. They're desperate to see those rarities hence the message ' reported Little Bunting is a Reed Bunting' or 'reported Lanceolated Warbler is a Grasshopper Warbler'.  Even worse is the story recounted by The Llama (see: ).

So bad is the situation at the moment that Groucho (temporary a resident on St Mary's) has sent me a photo of the following  'wanted' sign allegedly seen on the wall of the Scillonian Club whilst the daily log was being called.

Anyway, I digress. It has been bought to my attention that I'm  being a miserable b*stard and far from this fair County being a birding desert (in my defence I was referring to a particularly poor day for passerines) I have actually seen 13 county rarities so far this year of which 11 have been on the Wirral.  Of this 13 no fewer than 8 have been County 'lifers'. Of the 13 rarities 6 have been waders!

I suppose its not all bad..................................

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