2 Oct 2009

The Northern Isles - part 3. Taiga Fly, Taiga Fly, Taiga Fly

Taiga Fly - sung to the tune of that old favourite 'Vindaloo, Vindaloo, Vindaloo'. Managing to get on a ferry (unlike an aborted trip to the Skerries where, as we hadn't prebooked, we weren't allowed on and the ferry sailed empty) we duly arrived at the beautiful old house called The Manse at Tresta were our quarry had been discovered masquerading as a Red-breasted Flycatcher. On the mainland UK this bird would have prompted a twitch of epic proportions. On Fetlar we shared it with about 10 other respectful birders. No one got to close, no one talked loudly & no mobiles went off (most of them had no recepetion). A privilege.








A fantastic little bird and modern technology meant we'd been able to down load an I.D paper from the internet on Mark's phone the previous night and check for ourselves all the relevant features.

The rest of the day was spent exploring Fetlar before the long journey (involving two ferries) back to the Mainland. The excitement was all to much for some people. These youngsters - they can't hack the pace!


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Nice to meet you at the Taiga (I was the bloke with the 300/2.8 beside you). Beautiful bird, and a beautifully behaved small crowd watching it. Which was the rarer sight?!

all the best,


Phil Woollen. said...

I didn't realsie it was you until Jase Atkinson told me the next day otherwise I'd have introduced myself properly. It's a pleasure to 'twitch' a rare bird on the Shetlands with so few people - and all behaving themselves. Unfortunately our week was up to sson and we missed out on Whalsay's Veery by one day.
See you soon.