31 Oct 2009

Sign of the times.

Cheshire West & Chester Council, or whatever they're now called, have taken to putting up these signs in areas where fly tipping isa nuisance. I've never understood why anyone would drive to a remote lane to dump rubbish when its probably quicker to drive to the municipal waste recycling centre. One such blighted spot is near me - a quiet rural lane with obviously no camera's or anyhwere to put one!

When the sign was first installed I was pretty sure it wouldn't take long before the hardened fly tippers realsied there was no way there could be a camera anywhere near.

Sure enough I found these yesterday:

Very quiet on the birding front with only the occasional flyover Skylark and three Bullfinches of note over the house. Nationally debate has raged over a Greenish Warbler in Cornwall. Observors on site were quite happy for it to be Greenish but certain people who hadn't seen the bird or photgraphs decided it was a Green Warbler. Luckily sonnogram analysis proved it to be Greenish & not Green leaving a few eggy faces all round.

The local Long-tailed tit population seems to have exploded with flocks regularly visiting the garden. Great little birds but I never seem to be able to get good shots of them as whenever they show well I seem not to have the camera with me.

On a more serious note I had my first Harlequin Ladybird in the garden yesterday. As I brushed against the hedge it must have landed on me and the first I knew was when I felt a painful bite. One ex-Harlequin.

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