2 Oct 2009

The Northern Isles - part 2. Stew-pendous

The next couple of days after the epic day on the Orkneys was a bit of a let down with high winds and squally showers. Most self respecting birds kept their heads down but even though birds were scarce there was some quality to be had and the trip list kept ticking over with Arctic Warbler, Yellow-browed Warbler, Barred Warbler, Buff-breasted Sandpiper and a host of commoner stuff. Despite diligent searching and getting down and dirty in the ditches we failed to find anything out of the ordinary.

Being self -catering this year kept the prices down and allowed the culinary prowess of Mr Powell senior to shine through. The first night he, along with apprentice chef Grouch Payne, dished up a spag bol whilst the following night the team excelled themselves with a hearty stew.

Groucho 'please Sir, can I have some more' Payne enjoying his stew.

Whilst I did the dishes and loaded the dish washer (yep, we had all mod-cons!) the chefs enjoyed a well earned wee dram of malt or a can of lager depending on their predelictions. Menawhile 'Big Baby' Orton and the youngest member of the group, Ash, were kept amused by trying to identify the duck and do the puzzle at the same time...........................................

Needless to say normal service resumed on news of a 1st winter Taiga Flycatcher on Fetlar. Plans were made, phone numbers noted and an early note was in order. Monday we  were out early and on our way just managing to book the last place on the ferry from Yell to Fetlar enroute.

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