15 May 2009

Welcome to Cheshire - twinned with the Carmargue.

I could have been in the Carmargue today - except for the weather! A quick trip to Inner Marsh Farm RSPB after work in case a Temminck's Stint or Black Tern showed up failed on both counts but Spoonbill, Avocet and Marsh Harrier were a good selection for Cheshire!

The Spoonbill flew in over the hide from Burton Marsh and circled before settling briefly on the back of No. 1 lagoon and then disappeared again. The Marsh Harrier favoured the area at the back of the reserve by the old barn and only once came close enough to get a couple of shots.

7 Avocets present but it looks as if all the nests have failed again. Rumour has it a hungry Badger scoffed all the eggs along with those of the Black-headed Gulls.

The black blobs aren't marks on the lens or the camera sensor - they're St Marks Flies that have hatched and are currently everywhere.

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