11 May 2009

The birding highs and lows.

Up and out with proverbial lark Sunday following overnight rain showers. Things looked good for a fall of migrants on the Wirral hotspots although the brisk breeze didn't help matters much. Plenty of activity with birds and birders alike. Even Ms. Turner was out and about early trying to recreate past glories by searching for a Subalpine Warbler along Lingham Lane. It really wasn't a nice morning to be wading through long grass and the new green wellies were soon squelching with water running off my trousers into afore mentioned footwear.

Still a slow start gave way to a decent haul of Tree Pipit, Yellow Wagtail, 9 Wheatears and a suicidal Grasshopper Warbler who buzzed around me twice before diving into the nearest bramble patch. Plenty of other residents around with Reed & Sedge Warblers being their usual noisy selves and both Common & Lesser Whitethroats joining the early morning chorus.

There was even time for the obligatory bacon buttie anda cup of tea beofre heading home by 10 am to mull over Fair Isles Cowbird...............................
We were on standby to go today if the bird showed itself which, fortunately or unfortunately whatever way you look at it, it didn't. Anyway who wants to go all that way to look at a Blackbird who'd dunked its head in a cowpat. In the words of the Alistair 'Clark' Orton 'there'll be another'.
On the bright side I saved a shed load of money and had just left Malc Curtins house when he rang to say there were two Black Terns at nearby Marbury Mere. Much nicer looking birds................

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