4 May 2009

A Swift exit.

Feeling run down after last weeks exertions I woke up Saturday feeling slightly worse for wear and not due to drink! It must be man-flu I thought to myself. Much, much worse than swine flu. Deciding not to exert myself to much I restricted my birding to walking distance from the house with long naps in the conservatory in between. A good variety of local birds with at least 3 Lesser Whitethroats on territory and the Lesser-spotted Woodpecker again showing well in Stanney. A pair of Red-legged Partridges near Stoak were good local birds (a bit far to walk but Janet drove and we had a pint in the beer garden of the Bunbury Arms afterwards).

A Raven is still knocking around the area and was seen harrassing a Carrion Crow. House Martins are slow to return with only single birds seen over the farm but Swallows are back in force and providing good photo oppurtunities!

Amazingly a Pallid Swift first found Thursday at Seaforth hung around and was seen again Friday night and Saturday although I struggled to raise the enthusiasm to drive the short distance to Liverpool. Definitely man flu!

However, all changed Sunday when 'Desperate Dan the tick hungry man' rang to say he was coming up for a second attempt after dipping the day before. Hearing the bird was showing ridiculously well at times I dragged myself off the couch and set off to ensure Dan at least ticked the right bird..........................................

A cracking bird and a good spring record. My third in the UK following birds at Spurn in 2004 and Redcar the following year.
With a business trip to Austria coming up later this week I can virtually guarantee something else good will be found in the N W whilst I'm away. With Stone Curlew and Pallid Swift being found the same day and a Ronaldo spit away from each other what else is there to be found?
Finally a big up to Mrs Louise Payne for stepping off a plane from Majorca and driving husband Mark down to Dungeness for the Crested lark the following day. What a gem - I hope you've let her lose with your credit card Mark! A trip beyond the call of duty for a non-birding spouse.

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