28 Apr 2009

On the Pennine Way

Couldn't resist a diversion after a meeting in Bury to the Pennine's near Oldham where three Dotterel had been showing well for the last couple of days. Despite setting off in rain the weather cleared as I reached the designated pull in and set off up the Pennine Way to where the birds were showing.
A small crowd of about 4- 6 people were treated to superb views although there always seems to be one photographer who has to leave the path and get closer to try and photograph the individual rictal bristles. Actually he did me a favour as I'd moved along the path from the main group to get better light and the birds came within 5 metres of me! Awesome.

One superb female and two rather duller looking males. A fact I politely explained to the elderly couple next to me after the husband told his wife there were two females and a brighter plumaged bird that was obviously the male! The birds came so close you could hear the soft contact calls they were making to each other.
Finally the one photographer who chose to try and get closer.................
Oblivious to the distress he was causing the local Meadow Pipits whose nest he was probably stood on.
Back to the car and a welcome cuppa and bacon sarnie from the guy running the food van. The tea was made especially for truckers with 80 teabags in a a massive pot. Enough to give you hairs on your chest. The guy was a bit peeved with the birders taking up all the space in the layby and sipping tea fro mtheir own flasks cos it meant his regular truck drivers couldn't park!

Closer to home its good to see Pied Flycatchers are maintaining a precarious presence in western Cheshire away from their stronghold in Macclesfield Forest. Two males (and a Redstart) singing today at a site near Beeston and Frank's got a couple (and another Redstart) in Delamere. Not brilliant shots but the weather was crap.

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