1 Apr 2009

Just like buses..........................

Fresh in from work and just settling down to check my emails the phone rings. It's the Wirral's answer to mystic Meg whose just found a Ring Ouzel near Leasowe Lighthouse. Mindful of his penchant for practical jokes it being 1st April and all I was a bit dubious but he sounded excited and sincere..............................Allan & I were only discussing Ring Ouzel yesterday - I thought we'd get a Wirral one at the weekend and he thought today. So he went and found it!

Arriving in good time the Ouzel showed well but distantly after being chased off (before I arrived) by the resident Mistle Thrushes. Other local birders arrived and a mini twitch ensued. Unfortunately the Ring Ouzel must have had a bad karma as it then got chased by a Magpie and dissapeared from sight.

A couple of Wheatears were in the same paddock and a Swallow on the wires were the only other migrants and a walk around the inland path revealed little else. Arriving back at the car we met Ms. Turner coming back from an unsucessful search for the Ouzel. But whilst admiring her new Landrover I caught sight of it back in the original paddock so left her to get better views whilst I headed for home. Nice one Al! Any chance of the lottery numbers this weekend?

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