15 Apr 2009

The new green wellies.

Squire Conlin has acquired a lucky pair of new green Hunter Wellies to replace his 20 year old leaky footwear. They've proved to be lucky wellies and rumour has it he's not taking them off for the rest of the spring migration season. Wearing his new green wellies he found a male Redstart along Lingham Lane last night. A good Wirral bird. However, tonight he excelled himself. Striding along Carr Lane and blending in amongst the pony set who frequent the area he found a Red-rumped Swallow. A Cheshire lifer for me no less after missing last years bird as I decided on an abortive trip to Portland Observatory instead.

I'd just returned from walking Molly and was about to sit down for dinner when the phone rang and the Squire himself suggested I get my a*se in gear and get to Carr Lane ASAP. Pausing only to grab the camera I set off down the M53 at warp speed with teeth rattling as the old Landrover reluctantly hit one decade of miles above the legal speed limit.

Arriving at Carr Lane where a group of at least 6 of Wirrals toughest birders had congregated there was initially no sign. But, just as I was despairing at a major grip back, the Wirrals finest green wellie wearer relocated the bird and we were treated to superb though distant views.

Sartorial standards were maintained firstly by the appearance of Steve in business suit and baseball cap looking like asif he'd stepped out of the board room of Liverpool FC whilst Frank went for the summery look!
With a local supporting cast of Lesser Whitethroat and Common Sandpiper it was indeed a cracking evenings birding. The Red-rumped Swallow was last reported just before dusk so may opefully be relocated again in the morning. This week has seen a good number of vagrant hirundines reported in the UK with several Red-rumped Swallows, at least 2 Alpine Swifts and a possible Crag Martin. Hilbre scored today with an early Whinchat and two Ring Ouzels. Amazingly Gilroy had nothing. What will the next few days bring? My bets on a Wirral Citrine Wagtail if these easterly winds continue. Rumour has it the maestro has cleaned his wellies and is wearing them in bed.


Jason said...

Nice one Phil , did wonder if you got it after last years painful miss !


Phil Woollen. said...

Yeah. Major grip back Jase. Believe Shetland's got its own dodgy duck............

Good luck with the WTS.

Jason said...

Must be real its on Shetland ?

Phil Woollen. said...

Be careful. I saw male Wood Duck on Shetland on farm pond with aylesbury ducks near Kirkabister in December 2005. After twitching Brunnich went for White-billed Diver. Write up on Focalpoint in archives.