15 Nov 2008

One for the Liverpool fans - a Great Northern Loon.

No not Rooney but more like Christiano Ronaldo. A Great Northern Diver. The Ronaldo of West Kirby Marine lake. Preening and posing. Occasionally diving and when it does it invariably stays down for a long time!

The Hilbre diver looks like its relocated to West Kirby marine lake. A real feeling of deja vu here as one turned up on the same lake about two years ago. With a bit of patience superb views were obtainable for both birders and members of the public. I managed to get down yesterday and for the best part of two hours it was on the opposite side of the lake to where I was but as the sun began to drop almost behind the Welsh hills it came close enough to get some good shots as it posed on the sun dappled water.

It was feeding well catching and eating small crabs but occasionally getting mobbed by marauding gulls - at which point it usually dived. A bit like Ronaldo - the slightest bit of pressure and down he goes.
People seemed genuinely interested although that might have something to do with the location. A great bird to see close up but like that other Manchester Utd player Rooney it really has got a face only a mother could love.

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