7 Nov 2008

Credit where credits due!

The Rough-legged Buzzard was seen flying from its roost this morning allowing those members of the LBO team who unfortuntaely couldn't connect yesterday to get good views before it disappeared off north. Credit is also due to local birder John Coop who originally found it on Middle Eye Wednesday afternoon!

Yesterdays Long-eared Owl appears to have fooled us all and a closer inspection of Colin's photo shows its actually a dark Short-eared. The photo shows yellowish eyes whereas we were all pretty convinced it had amber eyes yesterday evening! It just goes to show............................
Despite nearly the whole Wirral birding enclave being in the field this afternoon and joined by some of the Seaforth Crew there were no new birds picked up apart from two Waxwings found by Mark Turner & Tony Conway at Red Rocks.

With camera to hand 'just in case' it fell to the ever- photogenic local Stonechats to put on a performance worthy enough to warrant pulling over in the Landrover and eating a bacon butty whilst trying to photograph them through the window. Molly of course had her own bacon butty!

With the shutter finger itchy any bird would do and the next photographable avian model was a solitary Curlew stood in the paddocks adjacent to the Lighthouse.

After yesterday's excitement a quieter day today was perhaps the calm before the storm when the biggie gets found tomorrow!

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