5 Nov 2008

Birds everywhere!

Well a bit of an exageration but at least theres something new to look at in the County. A long staying Great Northern Diver off Hilbre will have to wait until the weekend although it was seen from Red Rocks this afternoon.

News on the pager of a Black Redstart west of Fort Perch was intriguing. Was this the bird ringed on Hilbre or a different one. Perhaps we'd had a mini fall! Two Black Redsarts in a week.

Deciding to take the circuitous route from the office to Manchester via Liverpool I called in and as I drove along the prom at New Brighton I suddenly saw the Black Redstart disappear over the sea wall in front of me. An extremely flighty and elsuive bird and unringed.

A pre-dusk walk around Stanney Woods last night with Molly revealed a roost of at least 50 Carrion Crows. The first time I'd realised this species roosts communily. It was like a scene out of Hitchcocks 'The birds' with crows everywhere!

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