17 Jul 2008

Stormy weather

One eye on the wind gauge today with half a mind (the intelligent half) to check out the Mersey Mouth at Perch Rock for possible Storm Petrel. With several being reported in Liverpool Bay I thought there'd be a good chance of them being swept in on the high tide if the wind continued W or NW. It veered to WSW but at 24 knots I trundled up the M53 in the Landrover intending to use it as a hide. Initially nowt but suddenly there was a Storm Petrel careering crazily across the white tops of the waves. Unable to resist Franks succumbed to the temptation and the delights of having a nice warm Landrover to use as a vantage point and joined me within the hour. Jammy sod arrived just as we one Storm Petrel decided to put on a show less than 50 m infront of us. Agghhhm, I should have gone home for the camera! We watched both petrels depart the estuary an hour later, as good mariners should, right between the two main buoys marking the mid channel! Frank returned the favour by finding a superb adult summer Little Gull and we notched up 3 Kittiwakes as well as good numbers of Sanderling & Ringed Plover.

A quick visit to IMF again late afternoon to get some better pics of the Glossy Ibis revealed an almost empty hide. Just as I like it!

It seems to be feasting will on chironomid larvae and these can be seen if you blow the pics up.

Interesting behaviour from resident Shelduck towards a Lapwing as well. Was it trying to sh*g it or drown it. Oh well, ducks will be ducks!

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