21 Jul 2008

Great expectations come to nothing.

With Saturdays NW gales continuing over night we arrived at the Lighthouse to find news of our previous days exploits and spread far beyond the hallowed lands and birders from far and further had congregated for the expected seabird bonanaza. Sadly it didn't materialise and one by one they departed leaving the stalwarts (fortified by Mark Turner and his excellent Lemon Drizzle cake scoffed beneath our brolly whilst Allan went to inspect the nearby clump of Japanese Knotweed for American passerines!). With no shearwater and only a handful of Arctic Skuas the day was saved by the departure of 7 Storm Petrels from the mouth of the Mersey that gave pretty good views as they tacked west against the wind.

News is that Saturdays Roseate Tern was also picked up from Dove Point, Meols later the same day. As the bird we saw was heading that direction it must surely be the same bird.

News from Spain is that Mr Conlins fame as a seawatching supremo has spread - see this link and read report for August 2007: From now on he will be known as El Presidente of the newly formed N West Seawatching Association. All records of Seabirds seen from the N Wirral coast must be verified by this association. The formation of this association has been prompted to prevent the stringing of 1st summer Kittiwake as Sabines Gull and dark phase Arctic Skuas as Sooty Shearwaters. Sooties do not kleptoparasitise Terns.

Finally, is this the future face of birding in the UK? Congratulations to our mate Dan Pointon who'll soon turn 18. To celebrate this event I post this picture of the tw*t in a hat!

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