8 Jul 2008

Flex those Pecs - it's summer!

Summer? Whats that? Oh, yeah. The rainy season.
To plagiarize Roy 'Chubby' Brown. Summer?, summer? What the f*ck is summer?

The damage to Al Ortons car Sunday turned out to be less severe than first thought and due to water damage from the mini typhoon we drove through. Should get an F1 McClaren Al - preferably with Lewis Hamilton as chauffer.

Couldn't resist the oppurtunity to try and photograph the Pectoral Sandpiper at Inner Marsh Farm this afternoon. Still distant but I managed a few reasonable shots. Nice to see Paul Grennard back in the N W and read his soggy copy of the Pembrokeshire Bird Report - complete with write up on the Pechora Pipit and Pacific Diver he was instrumental in the identification of. Even Hilbre stalwart Colin Jones and partner Val turned up.

As well as the Pectoral Sandpiper there were a couple of Ruff, Spotted Redshanks, Little-ringed Plover and at least 600 Black-tailed Godwits including this colour ringed bird. With all that bling its suprising it can fly!

The water level is gradually being lowered at IMF in time for the wader passage. Watch out for those annual claims of Bairds Sandpiper!

Unfortunately the hide at IMF was once again populated with a loud minority of birders who cannot resist telling everyone what they've just seen at a volume that deafens me in a confined space. Why can't people whisper these days? Why do I want to hear about the Little Egret flying over when I can see 40 through my binoculars? This seems to be a common problem in hides these days. The same occured at Old Moor RSPB last week whilst dipping the Little Swift. The last thing I wanted was a booming Yorkshire voice resonating in my skull telling all and sundry how he'd seen the bird.

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