16 Jul 2008

The 'purple' patch continues for Inner Marsh Farm RSPB

There I am sitting at my desk looking out at the miserbale weather when a message comes through on the pager. Local Channel 1. North West. Expecting news of yet more Spoonbills at Leighton Moss, Med Gulls in Lancs or the long staying Glossy Ibis at Marshside but absolutely nothing in Cheshire I idly take a look................ Yep, Glossy Ibis............Scroll down a bit.......... Holy sh*t - it is in Cheshire at Inner Marsh Farm and only 20 minutes from the office.

A quick phone call to the wardens to ensure its not a hoax & I'm off ringing others on the way. A 'purple' bird - well almost and the third rarity at IMF this year. Whats going on? Twenty minutes later I'm fumbling with my phone camera and trying to digiscope the bird in the wet. I hate digiscoping and it hates me. Is it the Southport bird? I've no idea and it doesn't really matter. Its a Cheshire lifer and its on my list!

Now if only I'd got a photo of Frank in his three quarter length pants and coat with his hood up looking like he'd escaped from South Park......

So far this year IMF has had Green-winged Teal, Whiskered Tern, Pectoral Sandpiper and now the Glossy Ibis. My bets on White-rumped Sandpiper next.

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