23 Jan 2017

More crap bird photos from the window.

More jet lag! No sooner had I recovered from my Australian trip the I was off to Shanghai and eventually arrived home close to midnight Saturday night after 17 hours travelling. Sunday morning broke dull, cold and with sleet in the air. No matter. After being cooped up all week I was determined to work outside in the garden.

The first surprise of the day was a Pheasant that decided to visit the field opposite. I've seen it from the house before but a couple of fields further away. Running back inside I grabbed a quick record shot through the 'scope.

Returning to the garden I noticed a large white blob circling about a field away. Thinking it looked a lot like a Shelduck  Iran back inside, grabbed the binoculars and then spotted aforementioned blob sat on the pond opposite. It was a Shelduck. A new house and patch tick and another 'record shot'.

Whilst looking at the Shelduck a Raven wandered in to view. Another opportunity for a record shot. They're regular but normally to wary to allow me to photograph from outside. This one visited the pond for a bath and spent about 10 minutes washing and preening. By the time I looked back for the Shelduck it had gone!

Singing Song Thrush and Greenfinch were also nice and the Little Owl called briefly late afternoon.

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