9 Jan 2017

BRT followed by BLT

Returning from Australia I found my self once again jet lagged but going for a rare bird the day after I arrived home. This time a Blue Rock Thrush that turned up in Stowe on the Wold. No photo's as being a complete prat I'd left my SD cards at my daughters place in Australia! Doh. 

Theres been a lot of debate about the origins and age of this bird but as far as I'm concerned I saw no evidence of it ever being in captivity and from the moult contrast in the greater coverts I'd say it was definitely a 1st winter. As to the time of year.......Black-billed Cuckoo in February anyone? Who's to say this bird didn't arrive last autumn and has moved away from the coast to its current location. Innocent until proven guilty I say. I didn't see any abnormalities to the bill or feet and certainly didn't see anything around the legs.

After awhile I headed back home stopping briefly to refuel and buy a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich before having a short snooze on the couch and spending an hour or so patch birding. 

Here's a couple of Blue Rock Thrush that was hanging around the village of Timaru on the Costa Brava near a friends apartment where we were staying a few years ago - they were quite tame and not at all phased by being so close to human habitation.

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