6 Jun 2016


I got an invite recently to help ring Jackdaw pull at a colony in N Wales. What a fabulous place! The Jackdaws were nesting on holes in the wall of an old farm building and reaching them necessitated the use of a long ladder. Its a good job `i'm not worried about heights.

A great way to spend a few hours before a family barbecue on a Bank Holiday weekend although I did need a shower before joining the family fun. In total 21 Jackdaw pull were ringed which is apparently down on previous years. The feeling is the Jackdaws, like many other birds, have failed to nest due to the poor condition of the adults. As well as the Jackdaws we found a bonus Blackbirds nest with 5 young which we also ringed.

Jackdaws have there most amazing colour eyes and the youngsters are no exception. Despite their noisy gregarious behaviour the youngsters are very quiet and just open their bias and gape at you without making a sound.

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