16 Jun 2016

Holly Blue.

The recent fine weather has meant quite a few butterflies locally. Star turn being a single Painted Lady that flew past me at high speed without settling as I was looking for Bee Orchids at a site near home.

More accommodating was this Holly Blue that turned up on our patio, funnily enough, on a holly bush!

I've been busy ringing a few pullus locally and Swallows see mot have had a late start but are now doing quite well. Our garden Robins have hatched and four young have been ringed. Its lovely watching them being fed from the comfort of the sofa!

The first juvenile Goldfinches, Greenfinches and House Sparrows are visiting the garden and I've caught a few. A big surprise was a controlled Blue Tit - I know where it was signed which his quite surprising as it seems to have travelled about 30 km! Until I've submitted it to the BTO and got a response I'll not mention where it is incase someone complains that I've not submitted it through the proper channels.....................

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