10 Jun 2016

Amazing Razorbill record.

I got an email back from Steve Dodd the other day about one of the Razorbills I'd photographed on Puffin Island recently. We were already pleased to have one old bird with an 'M' prefix ring that was ringed in 2000 but according to IPMR (ringing data base) K27458 was first ringed as a pullus (chick) in 1987 and re-ringed a few years ago when the old ring became virtually unreadable!

That makes K27548 29 years old!!! It may sound old but the longevity record for a Razorbill is 41 yrs 11 months & 28 days making Razorbills the 2nd longest living species in the UK after Fulmar.
But still a venerable old bird.

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