24 Mar 2014

Owls about that then!

Good news over the weekend when Barry texted me to say his resident Little Owls were using the box I made for them last year. Both birds were in the box so hopefully they'll nest in it rather than in their old home that had been storm damaged. Many thanks to Barry for the following photograph.
Its good to know my carpentry efforts haven't been all in vain!

A beautiful morning Saturday saw me driving to Hilbre to spend the day over the tide carrying out maintenance to storm damaged gates & heligoland traps so there was little time for birding.

I did manage to ring a new Wren and whilst John was there he re-trapped a Rock Pipit in a potter trap  - its not very often you get to see these in the hand! This one was aged as as 2nd calendar year bird (Euring 5) and had started a pre-breeding moult with one of the median coverts beign replaced and some of the greater coverts missing. It had also seemingly undergone some body feather moult around the head.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst and as Steve & John left for the mainland the wind speeds tarted increasing and the weather got very squally. At one point it was blowing Force 8 making work on the fences slightly more difficult!
As has been the norm recently a small party of Common Scoter spent the high tide loafing around on the sheltered east side and gave good views whilst  I worked on repairing the SK baffle in time for the spring rush of migrants.

Inlet baffle to SK heligoland with mesh repairs done and dreaded Blackthorn cut back to prevent it damaging the rest of the wire. Severe Blackthorn & wire rash resulted.

After a good days work I eventually got of around tea time and set off for home for a well deserved beer - thanks to Steve!

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Dział Przyrody MŚO said...

Great blog and tasty beer!
All the best and and a lot of birds for ringing :-)
Greetings/ two ornithologists from Poland
Pictures from work of ornithologist-ringer: