17 Mar 2014

Back at Barry's

We had another ringing session in Barry's garden last Friday and as he'd reported god numbers of Siskins expectations were high of a good catch. Setting the nets at 06.15 on a misty morning we could hear Siskins moving around us and it wasn't long before we caught the first one.  The shed has been re-roofed and more space made on the bench for ringing activities so its beginning to feel more like a bird observatory than a humble shed.
With 219 birds processed during the day it certainly kept us busy. As well as the Siskins we also caught four other finch species - Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch & 3 Bullfinches!

Some of the 2nd calender year Siskins showed a very obvious moult limit in the greater coverts whilst others had moulted all of them.

Adult male Siskin.

2nd calender year female Siskin showing 4 old outer greater coverts contrasting with yellower tipped darker new inner ones.
2nd calender year male Siskin showing same contrast in greater coverts as female above. Note the brighter rump in the male as well.

2nd calender year female Goldfinch. You can see a moult contrast in the tail on this bird.
Its a female as the red doesn't extend behind the eye and the rictal bristles at the base of the bill are greyish rather than black.

2nd calender year female Greenfinch.
Adult male Chaffinch.

Another highlight was catching one of these beauties. They've become really scarce locally and I'm not sure why.
Saturday saw me carrying out good son-in-law gardening duties before an afternoon of watching the rugby and an evening spent making some nest boxes to go in an area Barry has permission to install them.


Dział Przyrody MŚO said...

Hi Dear Ornithologist!
We ringed over 200 birds in one day too.

Great photographic documentation!
Best regards from Poland/Michał and Piotr, ornithologists and ringers

Loretta Colees said...

Do you guys do meet ups? Just been on a field trip and it's gotten me into birding! :)